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Doula Offering of Full Spectrum Care and Support

To serve birthing people with high quality care and support through ceremony and forgotten traditions.

Serving the Reno / Tahoe Area.

Call today: 775-420-6167 - email - 454 Moran St, Reno NV-89502

Jordan Williams

My Vision

To offer care to birthing folx while using what I have learned through my Native American/ Black woman lens to decolonize the most sacred transition of a lifetime.

My Mission

To serve birthing people with high quality care and support through ceremony and forgotten traditions.

Home Birth or Hospital Birth

I believe in birthing people/ women’s bodies and I also believe in modern medicine. With my son Cedar I planned a beautiful home birth. I had an ecstatic time filled with euphoria and I delivered my son according to my vision, unmedicated with no medical intervention. Through this initiation I found new strength and total empowerment. If you choose a home birth I am here to help you set your space with intention and to support you through emotional and physical challenges and potential fears.

After the birth of my son my family and I were thrown for a loop when a series of events landed us in the ER. My son went for emergency surgery and it was revealed to us that he had a rare digestive disease. After an intense 45 day stay we were able to take our newborn son home. During my son’s time in the hospital I grew familiar with the clinical environment and how to navigate amongst nurses and doctors. I grew comfortable advocating for my family and rest assured I can help you advocate for yourself as well as step in to advocate for you during a time you feel most vulnerable. I will support you in the hospital setting to make empowering choices with intention and full knowledge.

Doula Jordan

I’ll be your Rock in a time you may feel the most vulnerable

Don’t go through this vulnerable journey on your own. Our modern world demands us to do-all be-all. It takes a village to bring a new life into this world and our society seems to have forgotten that in this age. 

Family can be absent or too overbearing for such a sensitive time. Allow me the privilege of being your village and your ideal family support without attachment or judgment.


Abortion doula

In today’s time abortion is often looked down upon and filled with shame. This does not have to be the case. Together we will embark on the abortion journey, whatever that may look like, and I will offer support during this highly sensitive time as well as guide you through forgotten abortion ceremony to release the spirit within. 

Birth Doula

Pregnancy is the transition from who you were to who you will become and I am here to offer support and guidance through an intense initiation: the birth. Together we will meet a minimum of twice before the birth where we will discuss your birth preferences along with questions and potential fears as well as come up with a birth plan that you are satisfied with.

I will give you my number/email where you may reach out to me day or night if you need a shoulder to lean on or advice. I also have a lending library available as well as multiple resource recommendations (podcasts, books, community offerings, articles, & visual handouts).

I am available 24/7 at 37 weeks and will be on call for your delivery and will be available up to 6 weeks postpartum. If you need help packing a hospital bag or collecting supplies for a home birth I am here to help with recommendations.

I will provide a range of continuous labor support during the big day along with making a meal for postpartum consumption and will help prepare the house whether it’s a home birth or you’re bringing home baby from hospital.

After the birth I offer a minimum of 1 postpartum visits where we can discuss your birth along with any questions or concerns you may have following your initiation. 

Postpartum Doula

The postpartum period is perhaps the most intense couple of weeks following the birth. You and the baby are getting reacquainted with each other as well as receiving visitors and trying to integrate your birth experience. Managing a household can be quite stressful during this time. I am here to offer seeds of care with a lucrative nutritious value. I am available in 4-8 hour shifts where I will clean your home, cook meals, look after other children/fur babies.

I will also perform a closing ceremony where together we will offer gratitude to your body for the work it has done to open for the birth of your baby and then we will close the womb portal. I am well versed in bengkung belly wrapping and can help you bind your belly to give you strength and support while your body adjusts to its new reality.

I also work with herbal medicines to provide healing to your body, mind, and heart. The optimal postpartum period is full of care, wonder, and love and should be stress free for the birthing person. I am here to offer just that.


We are located at 454 Moran St, Reno NV-89502

3 min from MidTown
3 min from Renown Hospital
3 min from UNR

Contact info:

Mobile: 775-420-6167
Email: Click here to send me an email...